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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

I play double pedal for my heavier gigs and single for my lighter ones. It's like a guitarist using different rigs for different gigs.

The different setup makes me approach the drums a little differently. Neither way is "limiting yourself". You still have all your limbs and can use them creatively.

I have a thought-provoking comment for all of us here. When I see phrases like "the slave pedal can be fit into just about any genre", I get nervous because there are actually very few genres in which double pedal actually works. Certainly not most jazz, country, pop, blues, latin, hip hop and R & B songs. I mean, just listen to the music that most people listen to and try to find the double bass.

If it's not high energy rock, fusion, metal or a solo, how much double bass is there in contemporary music? Not much.

I can totally see why a drummer might not even bother with double bass and not feel as if he was limiting himself.
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