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Default Re: INTRODUCTIONS: Please Use This Thread To Introduce Yourself!

Hello everyone, my name is David.
I'm down here in Houston, Texas.
I got behind the drums for the first time at 9 yrs old.
I got my first drum kit at 10 yrs old.
It was a red Peavey International Series II Kit.
I would practice every single day right after school and play for hours along to any casette or cd I fou d at the house which consisted if rock, pop and christian stuff.
I started playing at church at 11yrs old.
In middle school was where I met some musical friends and I was introduced to many more styles of music and took me to another level.
Started playing some gigs at 12 yrs old.
I got hired to play drums at a nice church at 14 yrs old.
Got my first kit with my own money at 15 yrs old.
It was a ebony Gretsch Renown Maple Kit.
Recorded drums on a album for the first time at 17 yrs old.
...I'm ninteen now. I continue to love playing drums. Im still learning.
I will keep playing as long as I breathe.

I currently have three drum kits.
- Gretsch Renown Maple Kit in Ebony
- Tama Starclassic Bubinga Birch Kit in Black Cherry Fade
- Sonor Safari Kit in Blue Sparkle Wrap
Snare drums.
- 14" Pork Pie Big Black Bob brass snare with wood hoops (main snare)
- 13" OCDP Maple Snare
- 10" Tama Snare...idk what wood it is probably basswood.
- 18" Sabian AAX-Treme Fast Crash
- 18" Sabian HHX Evolution Crash
- 17" Sabian HHX Evolution Effeks Crash
- 14" Sabian AAX Studio Crash (used as a Hi-Hat Top)
-10" Sabian AAX Air Splash
- 20" Paiste Twenty Ride
- 20" Sabian HHX Legacy Ride (used as a crash)
-Hi Hats-
- 14" Sabian AAX Studio Crash (top)
- 14" Paiste Prototype Hi Hat Bottom Hat
- Vic Firth wood tipped 5B's, 2B's, and SD9 Drivers. Gadd brushes.
- Pro-Mark Lightning Rods
- From Remo
- Coated Ambassador on pork pie brass snare
- Coated Powerstroke 3 on ocdp maple snare
- Coated Amasadors on Tama and Sonor toms.
- Clear Powersonic on kick drum.
- From Evans
- Coated G2's on Gretsch toms
- Clear Aquarian super kick II on Gretsch kick
- DW 5000, and 9000 and Tama hardware
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