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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by viva_nate View Post
I've been wondering what grade I'd give this ET 8th grader. Universe comes back with a C+, "Show your work!" all scrawled in red ink on the astral plane
I give that comment an A :)

I'm also unimpressed with the fact that everything in the universe is flying apart at an ever increasing speed. FFS we want a happy ending, not a gradual fade out into oblivion! Sorry, but that sucks.

So everything that's ever lived or existed dissipates completely and might as well have never existed? Not even quantum entanglement can save us when everything freezes to absolute zero. Game over. Please insert $1 to play again.

So ... Deity (aka alien student) this is your ending? Nothing? And you want praise for it?? Don't get me started on pain and suffering ...

Let's hope you learn from your mistakes. Here's the brief for your next project ... an everlasting multiverse underpinned and driven by an ocean of consciousness that exists outside of spacetime yet shapes it towards ever greater peace, harmony and integration.

And if I see any sign of back pain again I will deduct marks.


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