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Default Re: My new band collapsed...

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post

I am soooo tempted to call him and say thanks for wrecking my project but I wont. he is a casual friend of mine to. one of my closest friends is a landscaper, I don't use him and he doesn't care! the singer is a hairdresser by day, am I supposed to start using her?
BTW, thanks for letting me vent about this.
I've been in a similar situation before. It's never worth it to switch anything based on the fact that someone is a friend. My wife asked me a while back if she wanted a friend of ours from our church to start cutting my hair. Absolutely not. What if it sucks? It's also rude to whomever I already have for that. Same thing with a casual acquaintance that was doing investments or something a while back. No thanks, we have a guy for that.

But friendships can be a strong attraction for wanting working together in a band. The sax player in our quartet is a long time friend of the piano player so she wants to help him out by getting him some gigs with us. Most of his gigs are him playing to a backing track. He's supposed to be some famous guy in town, but I really don't get it. No one wants to play with him because he either can't or won't read music and he just simply plays everything the way he's always played it. Plus he's just a cantankerous d-bag. He has an okay sound though, but I wish we could find another player.

Not sure what my point was now. Basically, you're not alone brother. I feel for you.
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