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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I purchased 2 sets of the Genera reso heads, one for my gigging set and one for another set of drums I should be getting soon. After installing the Genera reso heads, I noticed more brightness from the drums. This was in my studio though with no other sounds around. As far as playing live unmiced, I don't know if the extra brightness would come through to the audience. I did one gig with the genera resos but I couldn't record it, so I don't know how my recorder likes them yet.

I feel drums have all the low end you want. That's why I prefer a crisp papery attack, to balance out the lows inherent in drum tones. It's easy to add more low end to drums, with muffling, thicker heads, low tuning....but it's harder to make them crisper, brighter and more responsive without losing sustain.

Pity the genera resos dent more easily. I think I might like the tone as a batter.
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