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Default Re: Best heads for a gretsch usa custom?

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
To experience the full rich sound of those distinct drums I'd go Ambassador over Ambassador, G1 over G1 with either clear or coated batters OR G12 clear or coated or Ambassador X which is Remo's 12mil single ply version, coated only.

G2's or Emperors would be good too but I wouldn't muddy up the sound of a USA Custom with 2 ply heads. If you're a fairly hard hitter maybe but otherwise let them SOB's sing!
Evans G2's with the Level 360 collar don't sound quite as "muddy" as other two-ply heads. Several of our artists, Keith Carlock included, who are usually anti-two-ply were quite impressed by the resonance of our G2's. Definitely worth checking out.

Carlock did. Anton Fig did. Kenny Aronoff did. Join the revolution! Evans Level 360.
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