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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

Originally Posted by drumming sort of person View Post
Using that logic, I would expect you to add a remote hi-hat pedal to your right, as well as another remote pedal to work the additional bass drum you'll want to add, not to mention a couple of timpani behind you. Why limit yourself?

Limiting yourself is one of the greatest ways to develop.
lol! I love it.

I've actually done the remote hi-hat already... I ran out of room on the right side of my floor. I now just leave the second hat fixed on right side just to the right of my ride.

I don't do things behind me anymore - can't reach 'em. I love rows of stuff to hit. Look at Neil Peart - has an entire second kit behind him (although he just repeats the same thing from one side to the other).

I cannot argue against the development perspective. I've done weird things to improve my technique. The most fun was reversing my entire kit for 2 months - playing lefty. I'll just do things just to see what happens.

This week, I'm redoing rudiments with my youngest son on a drum pad. He said he wants to "play like daddy". So I picked up a pair of 7A's and a stool for him, and we're going shopping for pads.
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