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Default Re: Shure Beta 52a and AKG D112 - Video

That Live Custom 14x22 sounds HUGE in person.
LOTS of low end. That's a great kit you picked up. They have a Dark Brown to medium Red-ish Brown burst kit at the shop, and man is it pretty!
The Live Custom line should be a big hit for Yamaha.

I have a hole in the deeper shells (20" depth), just a 4" with a HOLZ thing. I like the HOLZ because it's a solid unit and kinda mutes the front head a touch. I wouldn't EVER go more than 4" on a mic hole, but that's a personal preference.

I place the D112 at the hole, with just the nose of it sticking in a little. Maybe a half inch of it in. It's actually kind of far from the batter, but there's no sound lag.
The nose is pointed to face the head at the 9:00 position. It's not pointed at the impact spot. The reason for that is, I HATE a click sound (another personal preference).
For some reason, I like the sound of the mic at 9:00, instead of the 3:00 spot.

On the 16" deep shell, there is sometimes a hole, sometimes not. It doesn't seem to matter on that drum. I do like the feel, & sound of it with a hole, but the drum mics up easily and sounds cool either way. One venue FOH guy we've had several times doesn't mic in the hole of any bass drum, and it always sounds great for everyone.

The mic is in the same spot, just off the head an inch (or where ever the stand sits) if it's a solid head.

Right now, the 18x26 has a solid front head, and just a tiny touch of muffling on the batter (with my foam inside at the bottom of the shell) with my beater patch taped to the head, and 2 slivers of Moongel.
It's basically wide open, but it sounds great. Awesome punch, tone, and a controlled note length. Must have hit some magic tensioning! The front head has a vinyl band logo that's a decent size, so that mutes the reso a bit too. I'm afraid to change anything on it haha!

Even though that drum is 18" deep, I have mic'd it live without a hole without any trouble before. The 20" deep shells do need a hole for me to get the best out of that size drum though.

I also play off the head, and never into it, so that may make some difference in how a mic reacts to the heads.

Since the beater isn't resting on, or into the head, there isn't going to be any noticeable difference in the head pressure when it's struck, & then the film being pushed into, and kept there till the next hit, it may make some difference.
I'd think you'd have more of a chance of things being "the same" more by playing off the head than into it, and having the film stretch the same each time (without causing any pitch change).

TBH, on the bass drum you have, I don't think you'd need a hole at all. Especially since its 14" deep. Just nice tensioning, and, a consistent foot on the drum--paying attention to dynamics if needed in a song, but as long as it's a solid hit, your mic will pick it up just fine.

I'd try a solid head, and start just off center, and go out towards the edge to see what you like.

Keeping both mics is a great option to have!!
Have fun!!!
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