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Default Re: My new (to me) PDP M5 kit

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
Well it won't be as cracking as a piccolo or a snare of similar depth. The 13" size will help to raise the tone of it but the depth will make it a bit fuller. As for that snare I'm not finding a Sonor that was made of aluminum and that looks like that. From what I can see it's from a series called Black Mamba and they are maple shells. And yes you may be correct that it's 7" deep.

IMO to have a more practical snare sound I would go with something other than a piccolo but if you like the sound of them by all means grab one. In fact get a piccolo and a standard snare to have a couple choices and to have fun with. I myself wouldn't mind a Mapex MPX piccolo, those that go for like $80 new. I had the chance to pick one up and hold it at Guitar Center and it has a LOT of weight to it. I was surprised considering how cheap it is. Felt like it would give off a nice tone and extreme pop to it.

Links for you to check out regarding that Sonor and the Mapex I was talking about. You make the call on that Sonor lol. :)

I think you're right. I can't find any 13x6 Sonor snare drums like the one I linked that is made of Aluminum. My search came to the black mamba drum too. Thanks again.
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