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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

Look man, I have no particular use for the slave part of my double bass pedal. It's extra crap to carry around for really no reason...for me. I have not said double bass drum pedals are useless or worthless. Quite the contrary....but,

1) it does take up room next to my foot, and like many drummers I like things to be just so. I am used to the fact that I no longer have the slave pedal there, (in my way?)
2) I do not play any music that [i]requires[i] a double bass. That is, I can manage just fine without it.
3) in one of my bands I lead sing about one third of the it a set. I sing backing in my other bands as well. Do I feel the need to complicate things? No.
4) I was only quickly responding to the OP's thread....and the very truth was spoken when I stated that "I like to control the high hat ALL the time". It's a subtle thing...for me, really, as I'm the one who gets to hear it exactly how I want it in the drivers seat.

It's better to sit in silence and be thought a fool, than open ones mouth and remove all doubt..
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