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Default Re: My new band collapsed...

Originally Posted by PQleyR View Post
You're better off getting this out of the way now. Band members need to be easy to work with otherwise you're in for a tough time.
Funny thing is they said the same thing!

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
You clearly failed in your duty to introduce wind chimes at an early stage. They're comforting, & bring an air of serenity to the band vibe ;)
hahaha, those and a yellow wood block!

Seriously, I'm sorry you had to put time into this, but at least they bailed early, plus you still have the remaining band members who are hopefully cool to work with.
the two remaining are cool with a three piece so we will keep it going for sure. And we get to practice for free now. which in their eyes was going to be a bad thing somehow???

Originally Posted by Jeff Almeyda View Post
I feel for you. Dealing with the nonsense that musicians can come up with can be torture.

As has been already said here, I think you were lucky to get out when you did. Their notions of honor seem odd.
Still scratching my head about their honor!

Its so nice to be able to vent here, thanks again everyone.
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