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Default Re: My new (to me) PDP M5 kit

Haha that's too cool Dignan! :)

As for a piccolo, I personally had one 10 years ago with my Pearl Exports and I believe it too was Pearl and a 13x3. Nothing special just a cheap steel one I believe. I got it to similate David Silveria's snare sound used in the early days. Though I'm currently looking at different avenues regarding snare sound. I like a nice tight, high tone pop, like used in Gospel drumming and I'm also starting to like the deeper snares for a fuller sound. I'm leaning toward 13x7 myself currently.

Anyways, just to get something behind the kit for now I would say go for it. For a similar Evans setup that I use with Remo, I would go with a Power Center Reverse Dot or an EC1 Reverse Dot with a Hazy 200 or 300. I use a Diplomat snare side so I believe that would be more like the Hazy 200. If it rings too much get some Moongel and slap a piece on it.
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