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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

Originally Posted by sonnygrabber View Post
Of course it's a personal and a comfort issue. I played double for years, and got quite proficient at it (for the gigs I was in at the time). I still have the slave in its case...just never feel the need to bust it out anymore. On the practicality side, I just don't play the type of music that demands a double pedal anymore. Why the hell should I carry around extra gear that I probably won't use?
Ok, see this makes more sense and should have been said in the first place. Sonny if you go back and read what you said originally you can't tell me that kind of comment wouldn't strike someone as a bit odd.

I still say I don't quite understand how having the extra pedal next to your hi hat pedal keeps you from constantly controlling the hi hat while playing music or beats with just the main pedal? Also like what was said above by Drumming: "Without the double pedal you are forced to develop your right foot." I don't understand that at all. Are you saying you don't have the mental discipline to keep your left foot off of the double pedal while you develop your right foot skills with just the main pedal? It's not like trying to keep from smoking or doing drugs, you're just keeping your left foot on the hi hat pedal instead of the slave pedal lol! Seriously, I don't understand that reasoning. Practicing my right foot skills is no more or no less effective with or without that slave pedal. The mentality of not being able to work on your right foot skills because there is a second bass drum pedal there is just very odd thinking. Also with the rest of your post, I don't understand how an extra pedal next to your hi hat keeps you from controlling the hi hat the right way when just using the main pedal of a double pedal? Do you or anyone else see where I'm going with this?

Whether the slave pedal is there or not should have NO affect on how well you can play or control the hi hat while just using the main pedal! Ok fine, you don't need the slave anymore and put it away but having it there should have no affect, NONE, on how well you play the hats while just using the main pedal of a double pedal!
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