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Default Re: Anybody switch from double to single?

Originally Posted by XplosiveDrummer View Post
This sounds more like a personal issue or comfort issue rather than a practicality issue and sorry to be so forward but is a ridiculous excuse as to why you would not use a double pedal. Either what you play or how you like to be creative calls for one or it doesn't. Not being able to play the hats properly or creatively because there is an extra pedal next to your hi hat pedal is a deeper issue in your skills or comfort behind a set. Not because a double pedal is useless. Honestly I am really taken back by the amount of "excuses" or explanations from people in the drum world as to why double pedals are not used by them or others. For some reason it's like the double pedal abused a family member at some point and now it's on everyone's **** list. It's another piece of drum equipment that has it's uses, get over it! If set up properly you only have to move your foot over a few inches to be fully on the footboard and I can play the hats perfectly fine with or without a double pedal. If you want to play them closed or open with double pedals get a hi hat clutch or get a set of remote hats to put to your right or left and keep them open or closed.

Really who gives a damn what you use to get the job done or to be creative with! Christ when did people start becoming equipment or hardware snobs?? Double pedals are NOT just used for constant 8th note doubles up to blazing 32nd notes. Watch a Benny Greb video and you'll understand there is no limit to how it can be used. Also there are plenty of highly regarded drummers out there that use them too, like Tony Royster Jr, Dennis Chambers, Chris Coleman and many more I'm sure. There are certain parts in songs that I like to jam to that call for straight 8th notes or even 16th notes and without a double pedal you can't play it properly (and no playing heel toe doubles on a single pedal and diddles on the floor tom like Mike Johnston doesn't count). Also many songs call for two quick 16th note doubles at the end of 8th or 16th note drum fills.

Like was said it's good to have it when you need it or want it. Don't want it hooked up, just want to play a basic setup for a while either for being creative or because the music or gigs call for it fine, disconnect it and put it away. If you play a mix of genres all the time it's probably best to keep it there.

Sorry for the rant but the idiocy that I see said about double pedals is getting to be ridiculous and tiresome.
Wow mate! Someone steal your cookie? The OP asked if anyone switched from double to single pedal...and I answered with my .02.

Of course it's a personal and a comfort issue. I played double for years, and got quite proficient at it (for the gigs I was in at the time). I still have the slave in its case...just never feel the need to bust it out anymore. On the practicality side, I just don't play the type of music that demands a double pedal anymore. Why the hell should I carry around extra gear that I probably won't use?

Not that I don't appreciate folks that can use a double pedal well, far from it. It's just not the sounds I enjoy or want to make myself.

But as I said before, I like to nuance the high hat...and it's not something you can achieve with a high hat clutch. I can legitimately get 20 to 30 different sounds,(and feelings) out of the high hat with my foot controlling it...maybe more. Cut that in at least half without being on the footboard.

I suppose I'm a bit more of a Steve Jordan wannabe than a Tim Alexander wannabe. Ridiculous to be sure.
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