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Default Re: Need advice on new heads!!! Please Help!!!

Yes, an Emperor is a good drum head. I use them on my toms. It really depends what you are looking for in your snare sound, being that you are new, you probably can start with that. There are plenty of drummers that like an Emperor snare batter. An Emperor is a doubly ply head, whereas Ambassadors are single ply. You can even consider an Ambassador X which is just as thick as an Emperor, but still a single ply head. Many drummers like the Controlled Sound heads (Black Dots) on their snare.

I've always used a coated Ambassador myself. They might wear out a little quicker, but I like the sound they give at high tuning. Lately though I've tried an Evans HD dry on my Gretsch snare, my Pork Pie BoB snare has an Aquarian Reverse dot Texture Coated batter, and my Acrolite has an Evans G1 Power Center Reverse Dot batter on it. I'm really liking that one.

It is your journey, man. A coated Emperor batter is as good a place to start as any. Go for it. Why not?
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