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Default Re: Difference between Ludwig Pro and Standard

The Standard has the same tube size (same as the older Modular version too).
Very little difference between the new Standard & older Modular, except for the legs (the look), and the wing nuts. The tilter is different but that's a given, you can see that haha!

My Modulars are 1.25, 1 & .75, same as the Pro line.

The Pro has the integrated memory locks, the lock at the bottom, updated look...
The castings for the height adjustment are pretty dang solid, and it all adds with the weight (or stability).

I had a Pro snare stand (not the detachable basket one), and it was very nice quality, very adjustable, & the basket is great (no choke whatsoever).
It was just so frickin' heavy, I wasn't willing to lug it around. I went back to what I had been using.

The Standards weigh basically what the older Modular stands do (I've checked between them). They aren't super heavy, so they're decent to deal with, and are very sturdy.

The Pro stands are cool, just be aware that they're pretty heavy. Not sure if they are more, or less than any other brands "top line" stands weight though--
one persons "really heavy" is another persons "stability".

I can play as hard as I want on my Atlas Classic Flat Base (with 20", 22" and 24" cymbals) and be absolutely fine with them.
The Flat Cassic hat stand is very stable (no sway) with my 15" 2002 SE hats as well. I use a FB Classic snare stand for my tom.
I play in hard rock, and heavy blues bands, in larger venues, so I don't have to hold back unless the music calls for it.
Just added that to show that ALL the new Ludwig gear is really stable. The Atlas wing nuts are also very comfortable (I've said that about a hundred times in other posts :-) ) and super smooth working.

Good luck deciding!!
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