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Default Re: Front range Colorado floods 9-2013

Originally Posted by B-squared View Post
Hey Zarrdoss, I was waiting for your update. I tried to do a long run this morning and I had to cut it short after being soaked. What's so weird about this isn't so much that it's a 100 year flood. I know most front range communities expected that this was coming at some point in our lifetimes. What's weird is that it's happening in September! This is normally a dry month. Take a look at this:
Its funny they said it was a 100 year flood they said the same thing back in 76 when the Big Thompson flooded them so more like 37. The best description I got was due to the high pressure cold fronts and mountains its squeezing all the moisture out of the clouds that's coming up here which is a bunch thanks due to the moisture from the gulf.
Yes there are a bunch of people unaccounted for and many more in need of rescue. luckily the rain seems to be letting up for today and should clear out by late tonight. Much drier forecast for next week.
Thanks for the prayers and thoughts guys, I know some people are going to need some serious help when this is over as well as now. Damage will go into the 100's of millions.
Here are a bunch of photos here

Here are some pics of the canyon closest to me, I drove up this canyon a few weeks ago. This was built to withstand this kind of flood after the flood in 76, guess they will have to try harder. It will be a long time before they get that open.

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