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Default Re: Roland SPD-30 and FS-5U to control loops

Originally Posted by Blackstone View Post
have you updated to the new 2.0 version on the SPD 30. The new update gives you the abilitly to select different levels(I can't remember the exact term since I only played around with it months ago but its in the documentation when you update it.) I had this problem as well before the upgrade and I wound up getting an SX to use live. I create my loops on the SPD 30, and use the SX live. This is a great setup. I love both units. But the 30 stays home. SX goes out gigging. Thats how it works for me.
Originally Posted by Blackstone View Post
Right, update your SPD 30 to the version 2.2(its free on rolands website). This gives you a few new features. I just looked it up... among other features, you are given the ability to set your pads to SENS1, SENS2, SENS3. This is supposedly going to solve your problem. I haven't tried it because I like using the SX and I dont want to mess up my settings on my 30 since Im not taking it out live, plus I have everything perfect right now. lol.

try this and if you could, let us know if this works.

also I forgot to mention. this new update is going to move kits around. And add another 50 kits. So if you have any saved phrases or kits, make a backup.
Thanks for all the responses guys! I already had 2.2 but had no idea what those settings did until last week.
Someone told me about this the other day and it sorted it right out! I think it was set on SENS3 as a default which meant that the slightest vibration set it off.

I've also read that you can now use a footswitch to start stop loops so I shall get one of those in and give it a go.

The SX is the next step for me (after some bt-1s) but only if I feel I'd be able to use it to it's full potential as it is a fair bit of money!
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