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I use Windows because the cost to quality ratio on Macs is very poor... and I hate the idea of being lumped in with all the 16 year old hipsters begging their parents for a $2000 Macbook so they can browse Facebook all day with it.

I just have yet to hear a good reason to pay more for the Mac... these are the ones that I hear most often:

No viruses? You won't get them on Windows either if you aren't being dumb.
Better for graphic design/music production? I do both with absolutely no problems.
Sleeker/lighter? I'm a grown man... I don't mind lugging a bigger computer around. Hell, we all play drums... we're used to it.
Easier to use? I've come to find that people mean it's simpler (and more limited).

If it makes any Mac fans feel better, I'm moving to Linux when I finally replace my current gaming laptop. Haha. Windows 8 blows and I've been wanting to make the jump for a while anyway.

This is all, of course, MY opinion and many of you have very valid reasons for your own.
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