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Default Re: Front range Colorado floods 9-2013

Originally Posted by zarrdoss View Post
Here we go for round 2, Some areas got 6" of rain in just a few hours, 1-2" at least in the foothills where 1/2" can add to the flooding badly. Its raining pretty heavily at my house right now and it is just not moving on. Now our the flood has made it to Fort Morgan is getting hammered the South Platte river was at 20' last night.
Hey Zarrdoss, I was waiting for your update. I tried to do a long run this morning and I had to cut it short after being soaked. What's so weird about this isn't so much that it's a 100 year flood. I know most front range communities expected that this was coming at some point in our lifetimes. What's weird is that it's happening in September! This is normally a dry month. Take a look at this:
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