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Originally Posted by ewanlaing
i think theres too many peolpe here anyway that just say "yeah, well you're just a teenager. harumph!" when they can't think up a valid defence.
i was watching the zeepelin dvd again. thats a high tomtom he plays on. i don't think i could manage it that high.
I think its because there are a number of people our age who seem more like imbeciles than most. They're the ones who are into all this ridiculous fan boy stuff and act like they are experts on every subject, even to the point of standing down obviously more experienced people. I think one of the reasons a genius like elvin4ever left forums was because he got tired of arguing with people who should have been listening to him instead.

Now does this mean there aren't some ridiculous older people on this forum? You bet there are. But as in life they get a pass and we don't. I accepted this a long time ago and just keep going. If you know your stuff about a certain matter they have to listen to you sooner or later.
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