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Default Re: Which resonant head?

Normally drummers use a 10 mil single ply clear head on the bottom, like a clear ambassador or a clear G1. You can also use a coated version of these heads. If you want a short note you could use a clear or coated 7.5 mil head like a diplomat. I don't care for these myself. You could also use a 2 ply clear or coated head as a resonant head. And Evans makes dedicated resonant heads. Basically any head you use as a batter head can be used as a resonant head. You just have to decide which heads make the tone you like. But the standard resonant head is a 10 mil single ply clear. The clears make it brighter and crisper than a coated, which will make the drum sound a little warmer. It's all about which tone you prefer.
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