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Default Which resonant head?

I'm new to the forum and I'm after a bit of advise, I've been putting a kit together bit by bit buying second hand, the tom set up is going to be 12"x9 rack and 16"x16 floor tom, I already have 22"x18 bass drum and the 12"x9 rack which are Premier astria. I'm thinking of re-skinning the rack as there seems to be alot of ring and will be fitting the floor tom with the same (when I have it) i've done some research and it seems that for a good all round sound and short sustain I should get Emperor coated heads. I can't seem to find many reso heads online unless there not listed as resonant but wondered what reso's would go well with these? i've been a drummer for many years but never had a full kit of my own just got by, by borrowing from a friend or using kits available in practise rooms so tuning and selecting skins is quite new to me, help would be greatly appreciated thanks

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