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Default Re: Young Biggie Freestylin'

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Jeff, I get the lyrical & presentation/execution talent of freestyle/improv performances such as this, but no matter how hard I try to open my mind, it doesn't speak to me one little bit.

I hear you. It's not as if "gangsta rap" if everyone's cup of tea.

It's funny because my rock bandmates hate it as well. I always identified with the rawness of it all. It is one of the few music forms in which the artist is actually saying something about his day to day real life existence as opposed to singing about a lost love or a need to party or
some fantastical nonsense.

Life in those neighborhoods is hard, and this music reflects that. It is real, it is aggressive and it is ugly because that is what life under those conditions can be.
Either you have a purpose behind your expression... or you don't.
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