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Default Re: My new Saturn IV's arrived :) Pics

Originally Posted by akshuncambo View Post
Nice kit! The finishes on the new Saturn line are quite impressive. Just curious about the sound you get with EC2's over EC Resonants. I'm going with EC2's as well when I replace the stock heads on my Starclassic but haven't decided out a reso.
The EC2's over EC Reso's is the way to go with that particular head. I tightened the reso's much tighter than the batter's and it delivers a deep, warm, focused sound with low resonance (not dead or flat). I don't know if your SC's are birch or maple. My last kit was birch and I used the same combo and sounded fantastic. These Saturns with this combo sound phenomenal. I'm extremely pleased with the batter/reso combo. I'd give it a shot if I were you. Good Luck and let me know how it sounds.

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