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Default Re: DW or Iron Cobra (hihat)?

I have 9000 series double pedal and hi-hat stand. I like them both enough, but not enough to purchase again. I would buy Tama Iron Cobra pedals and hi-hat stand. I can get my 9000 hi-hat to stand firm, but you have to make sure you adjust both the leg spread and the reinforcement to the legs to compliment each other. This might be an easy thing to overlook when setting up sometimes. It is not THAT big a deal, but I end up fussing with it more than I care to fuss with a hi-hat stand.

I would also have to echo that the 9000 is not the most responsive hi-hat out there. It has smooth down in spades, but quick does not seem to be this hi-hat's forte, at least not my hi-hat.

I think I might look to replace the DW hardware on my kit with TAMA as soon as I can get my clicky fingers to stop buying more cymbals. I recently replaced all my old Tama cymbal stands with.. wait for it... more Tama Road Pro stands. Even back when I first purchased my Tama Granstar in the 90's, I was attracted to hardware that WORKED. It's just rock-solid.

I would say that they are two of the great hardware manufactures on the scene today. But YOU need to go down to your drum shot and give them a whirl. The difference to you might be night and day between the two and only you will know once you have futzed with them.
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