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Default Re: My new Saturn IV's arrived :) Pics

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
Man...those are really sexy. I had an "old Saturn" kit and there were enough things I disliked about them, even though they sounded GREAT. Mostly, I hated the suspended hardware which prevented them from fitting in the correct size bags, and also choked the sound of suspended toms. Looks like they listened to customers and offered a bunch of improvements! I like the new badge better, myself...though it's not a very attractive logo. :\

I hear the exotic shells are thicker than the standard that true? Also, did you find that the heads fit pretty tight down onto the edges? I might have gotten a lemon...but mine fit so tight I had to crank the heads and leave them overnight, just to stretch the heads and get them to seat correctly. Every shell was too big! Someone here backed me up on that but most Saturn owners didn't know what I was talking about.
Only difference is the exotic series has an additional ash veneer of same thickness on outside and has black hardware. For $300 more I thought its a no brainer. And the heads fit perfectly on the shells. No complaints whatsoever.
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