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Default Re: My new Saturn IV's arrived :) Pics

Originally Posted by nightraider43 View Post
My new Mapex Saturn IV Exotic finally came in. It is the Natural Ash Burl. And I must say they sound amazing! Deep, warm tones. Very lively sounding!

Hopefully the pics will attach since first time I have ever attempted to do so.

Toms - 10, 12, 14, 16
Bass 22"

Snare is a Mapex Black Panther Phat Bob 14x7 maple snare

Heads are Evans EC2's batters & EC Reso's on all toms
Bass is Aquarian Super Kick II batter & Aquarian Regulator reso
Snare is Evans Genera Dry batter & Hazy 300 reso

Cymbals all Sabian

HHX Evolution 16" & 18" crashes
HHX custom shop 10" splash
HHX 20" Zen China
HH 21" Raw Bell Dry Ride
Paragon 16" crash
AAX 14" stage hats
NightRaider.......those are flat out gorgeous.........I've never owned a Mapex kit, but they are definitely impressive looking

If they sound half as good as they look, your a lucky man.
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