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Default Re: Front range Colorado floods 9-2013

I live south of Franktown, at 6700 feet on the north slope of the Palmer Divide. We've only had about an inch and a half of rain from this system thus far: the heavy rains have all been well to our north. We're well-drained, and over a hundred feet above any local flood plains, so we're okay. But we haven't seen rains like this in years. After the ultra-dry summer we've just had, we've actually had enough rain to see some actual runoff. It hasn't all just soaked into the dust. Figures that we're getting it all now... This year's hay season was a complete bust for those of us who try to do dryland hay production. We were at less than 3" total right through July, and all the graze just burned up.

As of today, we're at 8.35" of total rain plus snow melt since 1/1/13 here at the house. We've already beat last year's total of 7.65", but we are way behind what the historical average calls for (15.8"). We haven't seen a year with over 10" of total precip since 2005. Maybe we can carry some of this moisture over into next season's growth.

Some of the folks up to the north have apparently seen as much as 12" of rain from this single storm, and it isn't over yet. That's *insane* for the high desert here... You guys be safe up there to the north, and keep the hatches battened down through Monday.
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