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Default Re: Front range Colorado floods 9-2013

Originally Posted by zarrdoss View Post
So we have not got much rain all summer here in northern CO and now apparently we are going to get it all at once. I live in Loveland and now every way across the big Thompson river is closed and even the interstate is now closed due to floods. We were due to go on vacation yesterday but decided not to go due to this. Its bad all along I-25 throughout the entire state down in to New Mexico. My job is on the floodplain and is under evacuation, 1000's are evacuated and entire towns are cut off. The big Thompson flooded back in 76 and killed over 100 people. The Thompson river is usually about 15 20 feet wide, in some areas its about a quarter mile wide now. Anyone other drummers in Colorado going through this?
I used to live in Fort Collins, an old friend and her family (some are in local bands) have a flooded homestead up in the foothills, so I guess the Poudre is bad too. The photos are terrible. I think The Descendents are still headquartered out there. I wish them all the best, I'm worried.
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