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Originally Posted by Magenta View Post
Sounds to me as if it might be a case of loyalty complicating things. Whatever it is, it's a pity but better things will surely come out of it.
hahahaha they actually said " you don't understand loyalty". HE IS NOT PART OF THE BAND~!!!!! I was dying reading their barrage of texts, nothing got rude thankfully but it was a lot of B.S.

Originally Posted by nightraider43 View Post
All good points. Sounds like the biggest loser is the "so-called friend". I don't think loyalty is the issue but greed itself from the owner.
I am soooo tempted to call him and say thanks for wrecking my project but I wont. he is a casual friend of mine to. one of my closest friends is a landscaper, I don't use him and he doesn't care! the singer is a hairdresser by day, am I supposed to start using her?
BTW, thanks for letting me vent about this.

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