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Default Re: My new band collapsed...

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
One of their arguments was the owner has a kid on the way and could use the money. So I have to suffer playing there because of that? strange. and turning down the free space as well? it was only 20 bucks an hour, three hours. so now instead of 60 bucks he gets 100% of nothing hahaha. he totally started this crap storm. Then " as a friend " moved things around when we were moving out. Well a friend would not have given our time slot away in the first place! this guy is a local drummer who is pretty well know in the area and its like they fear him. He never played with them or asked them to be on anything of his, are they afraid to miss out if he hits it big?
All good points. Sounds like the biggest loser is the "so-called friend". I don't think loyalty is the issue but greed itself from the owner.
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