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So we have not got much rain all summer here in northern CO and now apparently we are going to get it all at once. I live in Loveland and now every way across the big Thompson river is closed and even the interstate is now closed due to floods. We were due to go on vacation yesterday but decided not to go due to this. Its bad all along I-25 throughout the entire state down in to New Mexico. My job is on the floodplain and is under evacuation, 1000's are evacuated and entire towns are cut off. The big Thompson flooded back in 76 and killed over 100 people. The Thompson river is usually about 15 20 feet wide, in some areas its about a quarter mile wide now. Anyone other drummers in Colorado going through this?

Here are some videos.

I'm in Erie, and we have had some evacuations and road closures too. I live on a hill, so all I have had to do was pump out my window well. I didn't have a pump, so I had to run to Home Depot to find one. There was a LINE in the pump aisle. I was lucky and got one before they sold out. The next day, my brother called me and asked me if I had one so I let him borrow it. All submersible pumps in the area had sold out!!! My brother was told that emergency shipments of submersible pumps were being rerouted to Colorado from othet parts of the country. They aren't due in until sometime today. This is a 100 year storm so it has been a mess!

That's crazy, fortunately I don't live anywhere near a flood plain and we don't have a basement. We just made a contingency plan to go to South Dakota for vacation its the only direction we can go. Should be leaving shortly and will check in when we get up there.

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