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Default My new band collapsed...

Im still scratching my head on this one. The band I formed recently just fell apart in a matter of hours through text messages. Here is what happened. We were renting a practice studio. Small, no A/C and very loud, we had to were ear plugs because of the size and layout of the place. Now last Sunday the owner said he need our time slot. No problem but we all have families etc so we can only play at that time. We locate another studio 2 mile away, same price BUT...2 drum sets, A/C base cab, amps, the works and larger. When the owner of the first studio finds out he flips and somehow moves things around and gets out spot back. BUT, me. the bass and the rhythm guy really want to go to the new spot anyway. ( He says he busted his ass to get us our time back, Really? Just a few calls I think). Now, he is not a member of the band, not a manager, not anything, just someone we rented a space from. So, the singer and lead ( brother and sister) tell us "well, hes a friend and we don't want to move out". I don't care if hes your dad, the place sucked! Also, for free the rhythm guy offered his basement studio ( he is wealthy, COO of a fortune 400 company, 7500 square ft house, top notch gear and drums, I didn't ask about it because I didn't want him to think we were using him for that). They went on about their commitment to the first guy and long story short, they quit the band!?!?!?!?! Im not sure what happened, the band showed promise but they were like a couple of cult member to this guy. still have my other band and the remaining three of us will work on a trio for now.
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