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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by MrInsanePolack View Post
We still have the African children starving covered in flies ads here in the U.S. You can now give $0.10 a day so they can eat paste.

I think your perception of U.S. farming is a bit off. Anyone can be a farmer here, no license required, unless you have "exotic" animals. There have been documented cases of government payoffs to farmers to destroy their crops in the past, but it was done in times of economic down turn. The idea behind it was if no one has money to buy food, violent crime will go up as people get desperate. While I don't agree with it one bit, I can see the logic behind it.
This is the stuff that's not widely reported in the papers or the media. You'd be amazed about the stuff that doesn't filter into the newspaper in your city or your town due to space constraints or other compulsions. The whole thing could be filled with just news about rape and murder every day of the year.

I've read at least two cases where farmers have seen their livestock destroyed with no warning.

Unmarked, black vehicles and "agents" in suits.

I imagine I can still hear them screaming, "My pigs! They killed my pigs! How am I going to feed my family?"

I think it's grotesque they still carry those ads of children covered in flies in the US. In my country, there aren't any pictures of those African kids, but there are pictures of kids right here that are starving and dying of malnutrition.

If you saw a result from your generosity, such as a kid eating a meal with your 10 cents, you would be happy enough to donate again. Perhaps you'd donate 70 cents a week to ensure that one mouth would be fed every day.

But the papers and the agents and the government will lie to you. Probably 2 cents in every 10 makes it out of the US banking system and the remaining 2 are gobbled up by African militiamen and government officials.
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