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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
You are absolutely certain of this? I don't accept what you say but I don't wear a tin foil hat and only wear devil horns on special occasions (along with cape).

Our knowledge of the greater scheme of things is minuscule. It's possible that humans are in very early stages. If millions of people, along with tech, survive the inevitable major population cull and migrations over the next 100 years imagine what our descendents in a million years time will think of us. Interesting? Quaint? Cute? Childish and irresponsible?

What would they make of our confident statements about the nature of existence made without evidence? Maybe something like our response to early societies worshipping animal spirits.
Ahem, I'm the one restricting my confident statements to the evidence at hand!

There's plenty of evidence that things happen randomly and without our advance knowledge. That is the rebuttable presumption. So, unless you can rebut that with specific evidence to show that something else is in fact true, you must conclude that the rebuttable presumption is the explanation. In this case, the rebuttable presumption is: there is no supernatural explanation. Not coincidentally, the rebuttable presumption is also usually the simplest alternative. Do things happen randomly, disconnected across time and space in the material world, or are there Gods and supernatural beings we don't understand controlling our destiny in unimaginable ways? One path leads to science and understanding and the other leads to superstition and ignorance.

I agree that our knowledge of the greater scheme of things is miniscule. A thousand years ago, it was even moreso. But it is all discoverable in the natural world - with enough knowledge and understanding, the answers are out there and they don't involve evil spirits.
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