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Default Re: Favorite Cymbal Owned and Favorite Dream Cymbal

I really enjoy my Meinl Sand hats and ride! The hats sound so swampy and low its unreal! And if you flip them upside down, you get a great articulate sound with and nice sloshy open hat sound too. I also love my A Custom Medium ride (I've owned that for nearly 10 years!), K hats and Oriental Crash of Doom. (There many others I'd like to add to this list but I'll leave it at just these 5 for now haha)

Dream cymbals? If i could get a version of the sand ride that had the bell of my a custom medium ride and a tiny but more definition (tends to wash out a bit at higher volume settings) that would be awesome! I'd also love a really dry ride for jazz. something dark and very thin but yet still very articulate. And then have a slightly larger version of that with rivets installed. (Maybe a 21" and 22")

Come give us a listen

and a like
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