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Originally Posted by v.zarate View Post
just get a new head for the reso side... ambassador

if its not so much trouble, whats your tension with the drumdial on all your drum? batters and resos?
I tried a new head - can't really get it to tune, it won't seat properly.

I just got the drumdial today - I generally use a combination of my ear and tune-bot (tune-bot is way more accurate than my ear), but with the trouble the 8" was giving me, I figured I'd try something new. The tension on the reso head was (supposed to be) 74, but I couldn't get that evenly.

I'm hoping that GC can get me a new drum by Monday. They should be able to, they got me the 8" in less than 24 hours, so I imagine they'll be able to do it. Otherwise I'll have to wait until the end of the month, since I'm New England bound for a little while.

On the bright side, pulling one of the rack toms inspired me to play around with the kit a little bit.

I'm playing a benefit next month, mostly 70's blues/funk/rock (James Gang/Joe Walsh, Grand Funk Railroad, ZZ Top type stuff), and thinking about going with something like this.
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