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The pedal you are referring to is either a Gretsch "floating action" pedal or the Camco pedal. Both are excellent pedals. I have a few pedals that I rotate around my sets to make sure I can quickly adapt to various pedals. One is a single chain driven Camco and it is a very quick "no frills" pedal that many regard as one of the best pedals ever.

I also use a DW 6000 Turbo cam pedal, which has the concentric cam. This is a replica of their original pedal which is very much like the Camco in feel. The key to getting any of these "newer" pedals to work is to start off by throwing away the beaters, they are all way way too heavy. I have a lightweight felt beater (a little squishy and I have no idea what brand it is) and this pedal I guarantee will go neck and neck with any pedal out there in terms of speed, sensitivity, power and overall feel.

I also use a Taye PPK401C pedal, once again, throw away the beater and find a light one. These pedals are flat out amazing. I know the person who designed this pedal before it was copied by a couple drum companies. I use pretty light spring tension on all my pedals. I would be more than happy to talk to you about a few other tricks I put into my bass drum pedals if you want to message me. Let me know how you make out.
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