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Default Re: Got my double pedal converted to lefty!!

Originally Posted by soulfly28 View Post
Are we talking about my hi hat pedal in the bottom picture? I am waiting on my remote hi hat to get here. The bottom pic is what it was like. Single pedal on the 22, which is located on the left of the picture. Believe it or not, the shafts move very easily. Kinda surprising. I should mention that the all silver pedal is not being used at all. Just set it there to get it out of the way.

Ps: Had to look up this word: equidistan :(
No not the hi hat. This is what I mean: Draw a circle. You sit at the center point. Any point on the circumference of the circle is exactly the same distance from the center. This is where your pedals should be located. This way your legs are doing the exact same thing regardless of what pedal you have your foot on. One foot is never closer to the center than the other.

If you have one foot closer and one foot farther, your muscles are working differently. You want them to work the same no matter the pedal.

I commend your ingenuity, I have never seen anyone do this. But looking at the limitations of placement due to the crossing drive shafts, I can see why. Have you checked out the Duallist pedals?
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