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Originally Posted by LanceMCA View Post
Ok... Its VERY important that you measure with no rims and no heads. Remove everything from the drum. Measure across the lugs and ensure that the "top" of the drum and "bottom" of the drum measure exactly the same across the same 2 lugs. If they don't, bring it back to Guitar Center... It is their problem at this point because it was a new drum when you bought it. If I'm not mistaken they have a 30 day rule as well. This should not be your problem in anyway if the drum is out of round.
I did that, measured a few times, and it is indeed out of round. Not quite 1/4", but at least 1/8". Enough that it's pretty much untuneable. I've already talked to Guitar Center, they said bring it to any store, and they're replace it.

I checked the rest of my drums, as well, everything looks good. I was a little worried about my 14" floor tom, when I tuned it back up using a drum dial, I backed one of the lugs all the way out and the tension didn't fall. Started over, and it was fine, I just went too fast, I think.
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