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Originally Posted by cg2112 View Post

I've been having trouble tuning my 8 inch tom. Finally I pull the heads off completely and inspect the shell. Bearing edges look great. Then I hold the drum an arm length away, and it doesn't look quite perfectly round to me. I measured the width of the drum at each lug, and I'm seeing what appears to be about 1/4" difference at some spots. I put the reso head back on, but turn it 90 degrees first - it's snug, too snug to be normal, the edges of the head touch the bearing edges. I put it back on how it came from the factory, it fits fin. Turn the head around the drum - gets about 90 degrees, and stops moving freely. Looks like my 8" is way out of round. :(
sorry to hear that...

did you check the drum with another head? reso head might be bad.... spin the batter head on both sides, does it feel snug? try a different company head

if all else fails, call DW and tell them that the shell is not completely round, that it is off 1/4" and that it wont tune... see what they say
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