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Originally Posted by Hollywood Jim View Post
Not good, too bad !!

I would check all the shells and the rims !
I will, but I ordered the 8" as an add-on, it's not part of the kit, from a different supplier.
I pulled the batter head off (no problems with that head, it's perfectly round) and seated it on the bottom, and it fits fine and loose on all sides. The reso head fits snuggly on the top, as well. I measured again, now I'm not seeing the 1/4" difference, so I don't know if it was just a bad measure the first time (or the last time). I'm going to throw another reso head on and see if it's just the head.

I don't see how a head could fit find in one direction but not in another direction, unless both the head and drum are out of round, though.

I'm leaving town in a few days for a week, too, so I can't deal with returning it for another week and a half, at least.

Is this something that DW needs to deal with, or something I need to take to Guitar Center (where I bought the 8" tom)?
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