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Default First Electronic Kit Help

Could someone give me some advice on a good starting setup for an electronic drum kit?
After a few hours of trying to find reviews, buyers guides, and so forth, Im no smarter than when I started.

Ideally, Id like to spend no more than $600 USD altogether (including a throne, all I have right now are sticks). Beyond that price range, Ill just need to upgrade the kit piece by piece.

Some notes on what Im looking for:
* I don't have any acoustic equipment. This is my first drum kit and I will not be using triggers.
* I absolutely need USB/MIDI connectivity; Im computer-savvy and I have a recording sound card and a DAW. Are there any decent drum modules that just function as interfaces, dont have any pre-loaded sounds or audio output?
* Dunno what the term for it is, but I want a kick that triggers through a real pedal, no simulated electronic pedal.

Some questions I have to ask:
* Im thinking about buying all the parts separately, in which case Id start with realistic hi-hat and buy just two tom pads. Could I make that work or should I just go with a kit?
* Should I worry about buyers guides/models that are over a year old? How quickly does e-drum technology become obsolete?
* Are any manufacturers particularly good for specific parts?
* Are there any parts I can be cheaper with than others?

I dunno if the style of music Id play along to makes any difference, my tastes are predominantly groove metal and really chaotic electronic music.

Thanks in advance folks.
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