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Default Re: Roland SPD-30 and FS-5U to control loops

Originally Posted by Hansolo View Post
"My problem is that when I stop the loop, the vibrations from my drums restart the loop, probably going through one of the pads........."

If the SPD-30 is on a separate stand, can you reposition it eliminate the problem. Also, if it is only triggered by external vibrations, try putting foam pads under the stand legs.
Right, update your SPD 30 to the version 2.2(its free on rolands website). This gives you a few new features. I just looked it up... among other features, you are given the ability to set your pads to SENS1, SENS2, SENS3. This is supposedly going to solve your problem. I haven't tried it because I like using the SX and I dont want to mess up my settings on my 30 since Im not taking it out live, plus I have everything perfect right now. lol.

try this and if you could, let us know if this works.

also I forgot to mention. this new update is going to move kits around. And add another 50 kits. So if you have any saved phrases or kits, make a backup.

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