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Default Re: Your Favorite Alcohol High

I like everything but I'm particularly into cocktails these days (I even have a blog on the subject that I haven't updated for a while).

Consequently variety is the thing I like, but there are certain perennial favourites...a Negroni takes some beating. Maybe it's the bitterness but Campari just seems like it's good for me! I've heard people say similar things about Fernet Branca so it could be true.

I also enjoy fortified wines quite a bit at the moment...vermouth, sherry, port...and vintage cocktail recipes containing them like the Sherry Cobbler, the Hearst and the Martinez. Not to mention other old-fashioned mixed drinks like the Sazerac and the Old Fashioned itself. I'm a bit of a cocktail scholar so always on the lookout for new recipes, or old long-forgotten ones.

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
And if at a cocktail party, I can work my way through the entire list whilst at the same time turning up my nose at how unmanly the whole concept is and ordering a beer chaser in order to add some extra testosterone.
I've never been much concerned with manliness, but it always amuses me to drink (and enjoy) things that other people find intolerable...this could be ale if they're lager drinkers, a dry Martini if they're Pina Colada drinkers, or even Campari if they're gin drinkers. Or absinthe, green chartreuse, or any of the foul herbal concoctions so popular in continental Europe.

Actually, if you're after a manly cocktail, one of my favourites is the Chancellor:

2 measures scotch (something nice and peaty is best)
1 measure ruby port
1/2 measure dry vermouth
Orange bitters

Not a drink that most people will be able to stomach in my experience, so ideal for chest-beating displays of male dominance in the drinks world, if you can find a way to hold a cocktail glass without looking silly. But, James Bond manages. Speaking of whom, the above recipe should be stirred. No shaking permitted.

Originally Posted by con struct View Post
For an absolutely "authentic" Manhattan, I use rye, specifically Bulleit 95% rye. Can't be beat.
Never a truer word was's a constant source of annoyance to me that you can't get the damn stuff in a supermarket in the UK. Comprehensive selection of scotch, yes...a few Irish whiskies, yes...four or five different bourbons, yes, but no rye! And I don't want to pay extortionate delivery charges to buy it online.
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