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Default Re: Can there be free will in a world where pre-destiny exists?

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
It's true that gene survival seems more a matter now of proclivity than opportunity. Still, evolution happens in time scales that don't allow us to assess our own changes. We know we are taller and more robust than ancestors hundreds of years ago. Apparently that's mostly diet. We are certainly different to cave people - forehead, chin, teeth etc.
I've actually seen people with a few prehensile features. You know, able to move their scalp, double-jointed fingers, caveman-like facial bone structure.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
However, human culture is evolving rapidly and appears to be driving our increasing integration with technology.
Like Miley Cyrus twerking? I think culture is going through a regression of sorts. Sure, there's some avante garde work and some of it may be good. But for the majority of people, culture is shows like Jersey Shore or a nipple slip. There was a recent study that said if I'm sitting in a room with three other Asian guys, one of us is the rapist. In Europe, people are increasingly voting for the right wing after being outbred by people that migrate to their countries to escape poverty caused by rampant theft, murder and pillage in the guise of colonialism and the "white man's burden".

Sure, there's good stuff. But it's buried under a pile of Gagnam crap, which sadly, is more representative of world culture nowadays than rock n'roll.

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Anything could happen. A rogue planet could hurtle into our solar system and knock the Each off its orbit into deep space too.

An event that wipes out humanity would need to be extraordinary, given that people live in so many little pockets around the globe. I think the real tragedy would be the loss of culture and progress - for there to be nothing to pass on to the next generation and for the survivors to revert to stone age behaviour and lifestyles (and 20 year life spans).

Some people would suggest that that's how humans should live - in touch with nature blah blah. If someone enjoys not being protected from the elements, having no mod cons and having an everage lifespan of 20 fearful, parasite infested years, they can have it. I am no Mad Max (or Tina Turner), heroically scrabbling over the last scraps ... when the good stuff is gone, so am I.
Amen to that. But I'd like to go peacefully, right now if possible.

You wouldn't believe how bad some people have it, Anon La Ply, till about 2000, they were still showing us those pictures of starving African children covered in flies. Now we only hear about Africa when Madonna or Angelina Jolie are adopting. There is still mass starvation and now they are increasingly killing each other in violent conflict rooted in ethnic differences as a result of being clubbed together as "similar people" through a paper division of territory into countries. There's a story from India a few years ago about children who were eating mud because they were so hungry. Politicians and their goons descended on the area and threatened them against speaking to the papers again. In the US, government officials are destroying the livelihood of farmers that are rearing pigs or cows or whatever because they don't have licences, shooting and burning all the livestock. They come in unmarked black vehicles. These people are ruined and are probably living on welfare. That's in America, "the greatest country in the world". Plenty of countries where there isn't welfare.

On the original topic of "free will and destiny", perhaps there is no free will for some people and destiny is whatever is handed to them by their peers. It's easy to say families can work hard and break out of a vicious cycle of poverty. So many do, after decades of hard struggle. Then we have something like the 2008 financial crisis and they are back in poverty through no fault of their own.
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