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Default Re: DW or Iron Cobra (hihat)?

My 9000 hat stand (2-leg) is much better for me than any other I've tried- including multiple ICs. I suggest not forgetting about either, and trying them out if you can. The IC is the more traditional option. I don't think they are very similar in feel, but that's probably a matter of how the ICs I've tried have been configured.

I also preferred the 5000 stand to the IC when I tried them both, but I didn't spend much time on the 5000 so I can't elaborate on that.

Give them both a fair shot. If you can't try them both out in a store or via local listings, get the IC first- cheaper and better resale if you decide you don't like it. I certainly will never be selling my 9000 hi-hat stand.

The Gibraltar Quick-Release clutch is a really great accessory to any kit. The IC clutches seem fairly advanced, but the Gibraltar is no-fuss, rock solid, and attractive-looking to boot.

(BTW, if your 9000 stand [i assume 2-leg] was wobbling, I'd be very wary of whether the legs were at the right height. Mine has some wobble when the legs are too extended, but all you have to do is mark where the perfect spot is on the shaft and extend it there every time.)
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