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Default Re: Powerstroke 3 for kick - coating & reso questions

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Coated or clear, the PS3 has become one of my Fav bass heads. I use it for Rock, Country, and Jazz on three different sized bass drums.
The PS4 is also great.
You can do many different things with a PS3 or PS4.
They're certainly more versatile than EMADs, Superkicks, and the like.

BTW, just for the sake of completeness, Evans' most similar head is the EQ4 (or the EQ1 which includes vents around the perimeter). Their resonant heads are, for some reason, reso-specific versions of the EQ3 and EQ1. The EQ1 comes with no port but has the edge vents, the EQ3 comes either with 7.5mil film and a port or with 6.5mil film and no port. Bizarre, I know.
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