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Default Powerstroke 3 for kick - coating & reso questions

Hi everyone. I need to finally replace the original Premier kick drum head that came on my XPK kit that I bought back in the 90's!

After reading a lot of threads and reviews, it seems that most people are happy with the PS3's as a batter head, so I think I want to try that. My toms have coated Evans G2 batters and G1 resos, and I really like the tone I get from those. A "warm" attack with good sustain and tonality. I'd like my bass drum tone to be complimentary.

I prefer to not have to deal with any muffling add-ons, felt strips, etc. I'll be playing mostly rock music.

So my questions are, what is suggested for a reso head? I've read that PS3 reso's are a good match, but will I need extra muffling with that setup?

And, should I go coated or uncoated? I was thinking coated to blend better with my tom sound, and control resonance, but most of the feedback threads I've read have been about the clears. Any thoughts?
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